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Command Line


ddns-route53 [options]


$ ddns-route53 --help
Usage: ddns-route53

Dynamic DNS for Amazon Route 53 on a time-based schedule. More info:

  -h, --help                Show context-sensitive help.
      --config=STRING       ddns-route53 configuration file ($CONFIG).
      --schedule=STRING     CRON expression format ($SCHEDULE).
      --max-retries=3       Number of retries in case of WAN IP retrieval
                            failure ($MAX_RETRIES).
      --log-level="info"    Set log level ($LOG_LEVEL).
      --log-json            Enable JSON logging output ($LOG_JSON).
      --log-caller          Add file:line of the caller to log output
      --log-nocolor         Disables the colorized output ($LOG_NOCOLOR).

Environment variables

Following environment variables can be used in place:

Name Default Description
CONFIG ddns-route53 configuration file
SCHEDULE CRON expression to schedule ddns-route53
LOG_LEVEL info Log level output
LOG_JSON false Enable JSON logging output
LOG_CALLER false Enable to add file:line of the caller
LOG_NOCOLOR false Disables the colorized output

Last update: 2021-06-06 01:55:03
Created: 2020-07-22 09:34:17