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Installing on UniFi OS-based devices

This guide is for devices running UniFi OS such as:

  • UDM
  • UDM Pro

Install on-boot-script

Follow the guide.

Create the config file

Create the config directory.

mkdir /mnt/data/ddns-route53

Create your ddns-route53.yml configuration file and save it as /mnt/data/ddns-route53/ddns-route53.yml.

Fix the permissions of the config file.

chown 1000:1000 /mnt/data/ddns-route53/ddns-route53.yml

Setup the service

Copy the following configuration and save it to /mnt/data/on_boot.d/ Be sure to change the TZ=America/Vancouver line to your own timezone.


if [ ! -f "$CNI_PATH"/macvlan ]; then
    mkdir -p $CNI_PATH
    curl -L | tar -xz -C $CNI_PATH

mkdir -p /opt/cni
rm -f /opt/cni/bin
ln -s $CNI_PATH /opt/cni/bin

for file in "$CNI_PATH"/*.conflist
    if [ -f "$file" ]; then
        link_path="/etc/cni/net.d/$(basename "$file")"
        rm -f "$link_path"
        ln -s "$file" "$link_path"

podman run -d --restart always \
  --name ddns-route53 \
  --hostname ddns-route53 \
  -v "/mnt/data/ddns-route53/ddns-route53.yml:/ddns-route53.yml:ro" \
  -e "TZ=America/Vancouver" \
  -e "SCHEDULE=*/30 * * * *" \
  -e "LOG_LEVEL=info" \
  -e "LOG_JSON=false" \

Make the script executable.

chmod +x /mnt/data/on_boot.d/

Start the service

Start the service.


The next time the device restarts the service will automatically start.

Checking the logs

Check the logs with podman.

podman logs ddns-route53

Last update: 2021-06-06 01:20:54
Created: 2020-08-17 11:57:46